Pacific Tiger International is an American owned and operated company. Our experienced team has successfully been assisting businesses and individuals for over a decade.

We simplify doing business in China. Whether you're an individual or an established company, if you're interested in sourcing or manufacturing a product in China, we can help. We can support, assist and manage every step of bringing your product(s) and/or ideas from "concept to shelf."

If you already have your supplier and are looking for an objective third-party factory evaluation or a pre-shipment quality inspection we can help. With both non-Chinese as well as Chinese staff, we tailor our inspections to the needs of our clients. We will work with you to develop inspection specifications that are relevant to your business.

Many of our clients initially contact us knowing they want to take advantage of China's manufacturing but were unsure where to start. We will simplify what can sometimes be an overwhelming situation. Every business should consider buying the products they sell or consume for a better price.